Mini Bike Jack Shaft Systems, Performance Engines, Adjustable Motor Mounts
Mini Bike Performance Exhaust Headers, Honda GX200 and Clone Engine Performance Parts 
Baja Doodlebug and Motovox Minibike Engine Swap Kits

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Baja and Motovox Mini Bike performance Parts Specialist 


Warranty and Liability Policy

ProMod Scooters DBA / assumes no responsibility, liability or accountability for any damages or physical injury involved with the use of products we manufacture or sell.

 Only purchase,Install or use products being sold by ProMod Scooters/ and if you are in agreement that you assume full liability,responsibility and accountability for any personal injuries or damages related to the use of the said products in any way or form.

All products sold on this website have NO Warranty Expressed or Implied

ProMod Scooters DBA assumes no responsibility for products we sell which may be used in criminal actions, illegal operation or civil incidents.

All non EPA compliant products are sold for Closed course competition use only.

Do not operate any vehicle without proper safety gear, license , Insurance and Training. 


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