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Installation Tips

Which Kit Do I Need?
Helpful tips on selecting the right parts for your DB30 and Motovox

Depending on which model DB30 you have, will determine which kit you need. There are two different generations of Doodlebugs, the first one has metal fenders and a straight top frame rail.

 The second one, which we call the new style DB30, has plastic fenders and a sloped top frame rail with a bend half way back. The Motovox frames require a Stage 2 Kit as it has the same issues and the New Style DB30's.

Due to the new style frame rail angle, will causes clearance issues with the engine's stock air box and exhaust, so a Stage 2 kit is needed. This kit comes with everything in the Stage 1 Kit plus a header, air filter kit, and re jet kit for the carburetor, which eliminates the clearance issue.

When ordering the Stage 2 Kit, you will have options in choosing a pre-cut chain and upgraded 3100 stall spring to the clutch or one or the other. The stall spring is more for drag racing and full throttle passes. If you are doing a lot of stop and go riding, I do not recommend the stall springs.

 The Shotgun Header is the only option for the new style DB30, but you have a choice in open header, bullet muffler or performance RLV muffler welded on. I also recommend getting the conduit strap and clamp for anchoring the header. .This helps with vibration and acts as an additional engine mount. Other than that, just follow the drop down lists and select the right options for your bike.
              RLV Muffler                        Bullet Muffler (quietest)            Welded tip for Bullet Muffler

Shotgun Header w/ RLV

Shotgun Open header                                 Shotgun Header w/ Clamp Mounts

When purchasing your engine, there are two options of Predator 212cc. One is #69730 (Non Hemi), and second is #60363 (HEMI). Selecting this option helps me supply the right bolts needed for your air filter and clutch spacing. The Non Hemi has one short carb stud, and the crankshaft is 1/4" longer, so I supply a longer stud and a spacer when ordering the #69730. There is an option for a 196cc as well.

   #60363                                      #69730

         109mm Carb Stud                                            Predator Bolt Kit

Diagram of Carburetor Installation

Also, if you have the old style DB30, the Stage 1 Kit will work well for guys on a budget. It is a kit compiled of the bare minimum to get the larger engine installed.

Stage 1 Kit

Choke Retainer and Filter Adapter Diagram

Tips to Remove Carburetor Jet

1) Remove Carburetor bowl

2) Using a flat blade screw driver, remove the jet from bottom of carburetor.
Install in reverse order. If the emulsion tube will not come out, you may use a wood screw to grab the end of the tube to pull it out.

1.5 MB

5.5 MB

4.4 MB

1.3 MB

3.5 MB

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