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DB30 engine Install kits.

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Engine Swap Parts and Kits

Baja Doodlebug, Dirtbug, Racer ,Blitz and Motovox
4-6.5hp Mini Bike

Stage 1 Kit $119.95

  Install a 4-7 hp Honda, Clone or Predator 212 engine in a Baja Mini Bike .
 Includes PMR Adjustable Mount, 3/4 12t clutch, PMR Clutch Cover and Throttle Linkage Kit

The New style DB frame (Shown above ,plastic fender's) and MotoVox MBX10/11 Mini Bikes may have fuel tank and exhaust clearance problems with some of the larger engines. (The stage two kit works best for this install )
Also For Predator 212 engine stage 1 or 2 install be sure to add the Predator bolt and spacer kit listed below

Baja Doodlebug, Dirtbug, Racer, Blitz and Motovox
4-6.5 HP Stage 2 Install Kit
For the Hot Rod Mini Bike builder
and racing applications.
This kit has the extra's which will
result in an average 1 - 1 &1/2 HP increase
in power output of your 4-6.5hp Honda, Clone or Predator engine.


Includes PMR Adjustable Mount Kit, 3/4 Clutch ,PMR Clutch Cover, Throttle Linkage Kit,
Performance Header . Performance Air Filter and Adapter. plus Carb Re-Jet Kit
Note! For New Motovox MBX10/11 order kit with Shotgun Pipe for Original DB
For Predator stage 2 install be sure to order the Predator Bolt and spacer kit and
one 109mm carb stud shown below.  
Other recommended Items are...
Crankcase filter, muffler/silencer, Exhaust header wrap and Restrictor plate.

Motovox MBX 11 shown  with stage 2 kit and RLV silencer

      New style DB with shotgun header and street tire kit             Original style frame with under seat exit header

Stage 2 kit for New and original Style frame
with under seat exit Header
Note! New style frame requires rear fender & hoop
removal or modification when using under seat exit header  


Stage 2 kit for New Style Frame with Shotgun Header
With this kit the Rear fender hoop can be easily
bent rearward to clear larger engine and the
New Shotgun Header allows
you to retain the rear fender

Shown with RLV performance silencer and clamp mount kit

Adjustable Motor Mount


The PMR Motor Mount Plate was designed by us as an easy fool proof
way to mount larger 4-7 HP engines in a Baja ,
Motovox or many other style Mini Bikes.
The mount allows for left to right engine adjustment for precise sprocket
alignment. as well as front to rear adjustments for chain tension. 
This  plate solves the problem of having to drill and slot new mount holes in the 
exact location to achive proper chain alignment. 
This Mount system works with engines that have
the industry standard 6 3/8"  by  3" inch mount spacing .
Such as the Honda GX 120-200 series, Honda 6.5 Clones. HF Predator 212,
Briggs, Tec' , Subaru  and other brands in 4-7hp HP  range.
 For Mini  Bike Drag Racers's  it has been proven capable of
handling built engines producing 15-30hp.

Max T #35 chain 12t 3/4 bore Clutch
Fits 4-6.5hp Lifan,Honda ,Predator and Clone 3/4 crankshafts
WE sell ONLY USA Made Max Torque brand clutches.
Beware of the cheaper imitation copies being sold.
(they are now even copying the logo on the clutches


13t 3/4 bore Max T clutch for #35 chain

Throttle linkage hook up kit


PMR Clutch and chain guard


 This cover offers great protection from chain or clutch failure  !
 Quick release Dzus fastener system for easy clutch and chain servicing.
Also works with the PMR Jack shaft systems
This cover can also be used with performance Disc style racing clutches.


Predator Bolt and clutch spacer kit

HF Predator brand engines have a longer crankshaft and
different side cover bolt threads. This kit includes a crank spacer,
Clutch cover mount bolts ,washers and  a Heavy Duty crank bolt and washer
for securing the clutch.

Smooth out the torque output
of your larger engine with a PMR
restrictor plate.

Installed between the carb and insulator block/head
this restrictor plate will produce a much smoother
power delivery. This is great for building more of a kids or
family orientated bike when doing the engine upgrade. 
Top speed will not be affected with an engine running
the stock governor.
Lower rpm torque will be smoothed out resulting
in the much smoother less intimidating power delivery

109mm Carb Stud
for Predator and 4 hp  Lifan stage 2 kit applications

This is used for installing a performance air filter adapter
Predator engines need one longer stud
4hp engine requires replacing both.

Valve Cover Crankcase
Breather Filter


RLV clamp on  Performance Silencer


Briggs style Bullet Muffler


Weld on tip for Briggs Bullet Muffler


Exhaust Header Heat wrap!
Improves Exhaust scavenging
Reduces external heat

5ft rolls


Pre Cut 6.5 hp Chain and Master link





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